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Money Saving Offers & Limited Time Promotions on Appliance Repair

At S & R Electronics & Appliance Repair in Thunder Bay we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our service and save money for our customers. The following are promotions that are currently active; be sure to check back often for new money saving offers and limited time promotions. 


Save On Dryer Cleaning Services

As you have probably noticed, the clothes dryer in your home produces lint as a by-product of the drying process. What you may not realize is that those tiny pieces of fabric can build up not only in the dryer vent but also in the lint trap housing, the interior dryer duct and even the dryer itself, making all of these components susceptible to the risk of fire. Do-it-yourself dryer vent cleaning attachments or kits are often ineffective and leave behind trapped and compacted lint or restrict air flow, either of which can cause a fire. Finally, if your dryer is working harder to overcome lint clogs it can cause heat to build up and require more electricity to operate. Protect your home and your family with professional dryer cleaning from the experts at S & R Electronics & Appliance Repair.


Current Promotion: Dryer Cleaning $110.00 + HST

Save even more: If we are already onsite for another reason we will provide dryer cleaning services for just $25.00 + HST. Contact us for details.



TV Wall Mount
High quality TV wall mount with swivel tilt and is able to fit TVs ranging from 37” to 70”
$119.99 + HST

HDMI Cables

We offer high quality TEXONIC HDMI cables at our repair shop. These cables take advantage of the new and improved function of the 1.4 specification, including Ethernet channel, which will allow your HD equipment to connect directly to the internet without additional cables. The TEXONIC HDMI cables are equipped with and audio return channel, 3D TV support and are available in various lengths.

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